New Vendor Setup

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Thank you for your interest in working with Bosshardt Property Management.

    Bosshardt Property Management Subcontractor Terms

    The OWNER of the property is responsible for all payments of work performed and payments are NOT guaranteed by Bosshardt Property Management, LLC. In order to ensure payment of your Invoices, you MUST submit your invoice within 45 days after the work is completed. This policy will be enforced unless YOU have prior arrangements with BOSSHARDT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.

    Invoices will be paid, LESS a ten percent Maintenance Coordination Fee, no later than 30 days after the invoice is received in our office, unless otherwise noted. Each invoice must contain the following:

    A. Invoice Number
    B. Date
    C. Name of person authorizing work
    D. Property address where work was completed
    E. Description of work accomplished with separate entries for parts and labor.

    Note: You MUST submit separate invoices for each individual property. Bosshardt Property Management, LLC will assess a 10% Maintenance Coordination Fee on all invoices for ALL services rendered at the OWNER’s property.

    Subcontractor Quality Control: All Subcontractors are considered in good standing upon returning the required form and documents to BPM. Subcontractors are evaluated based on satisfactory job completion within required time frames, costs, and willingness to resolve customer complaints. BPM reserves the right to discontinue any subcontractors for not meeting these requirements.

    Acknowledgement: I hereby acknowledge that I am not an employee of Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC, Bosshardt Property Management, LLC, or of the property owners on whose behalf Bosshardt Property Management, LLC contracts work and I recognize that I am responsible for paying my own worker’s compensation insurance, withholdings and FICA taxes for any and all employees or subcontractors who work for me.

    I have read and acknowledge these terms and conditions.



      Please upload the following files:
    1. Copy of professional cerification, if applicable

    2. Certificate of liability insurance

    3. Certificate of worker's compensation insurance*

    4. Certificate of insurance/bonding, if applicable

    5. W9 - Download form here

    *Worker’s Compensation Exemption Certificates will be accepted in lieu of Worker’s Compensation Insurance, on case by case basis at the discretion of Bosshardt Property Management